14 October 2014
Shaun Westgate, Managing Director

Using responsive web design more effectively

Mum on iPad

Responsive web design now empowers us to design and build a whole range of different websites for different screen sizes, but we need to be much more sophisticated in how we use it. We need to have a clear understanding of user behaviours and why and when they use certain devices.

It goes without saying that good website design engages the appropriate target audiences with content that inspires, informs and stirs users into action. But, we now need to be much more aware of what devices are being used to access different websites. All these different devices require content to be served up in quite different ways.

When you start to analyse audiences in more depth, you will find their user habits are quite different. For example, most users on Mumsnet will be probably accessing the site on an iPad or tablet simply because this suits their lifestyle. Increasingly people are also opting to use their mobile over their desktop computer because so many app designs are so much more user friendly.

With so many people today using different mobile devices for very different reasons, we need to have a clear understanding of what their needs are, particularly as there is an increasing expectation from all users for online experiences to be responsive to the device they are using, their location and even the time of day.

This user expectation presents a wonderful opportunity to design websites with the flexibility to collect the appropriate content at the appropriate time, tailored to a specific user's profile, to their individual needs and to the device they are using.

As web designers we need to think in a much broader way and consider the sheer variety of devices, user habits and media used. Today's websites must be less static and far more dynamic to accommodate this far more sophisticated user experience.

If you are looking for forward thinking website solutions that create real commercial impact online, please don't hesitate to get in touch with myself or one of the creative team here at Westgate. shaun@westgatecomms.com


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