07 January 2014
Shaun Westgate, Managing Director

Digital Marketing in 2014

Content is king

Content is King, but it's nothing without context

Throughout 2014, we will see a lot more big brands becoming far more creative about how they spend their marketing budgets. As a result, brands will begin to review their marketing spends, particularly on Christmas TV advertising, and question whether they really are getting value for money.

In the past, we have seen companies perfectly happy to spend a 'kings ransom' on TV advertising, with no real idea as to whether it will work or whether they will get the right return on investment.

What is exciting now, with Digital Marketing, is that with the right strategic plan, you can clearly measure the success of your campaign.

By planning carefully, you can create quality content that supports your key brand messages and then share this content on the most relevant platforms within your target community. Then, you can measure how much engagement you are getting with retweets, Google Plus Ones, direct messages, blog comments, etc.

It is interesting to consider that, with a relatively small budget, you can still create quality, easy to share content that gets far more brand engagement than big budget TV advertising.

Clearly, there are great opportunities to create a totally integrated campaign, where the TV concept is totally aligned with a digital campaign. By ensuring you get the best of both worlds, you will have far more peace of mind, knowing that you can measure your return on investment.

The skill now is not just in creating quality content that is integrated into an overall campaign, but also how you share it. There are incredible subtleties in developing the right content to support an overall campaign that will work effectively on individual social media platforms. Creating the same set of images and sharing them across a whole range of different platforms will just not work. But, developing an overall creative theme and then creating a video for YouTube along with a series of compelling images with engaging headlines for Facebook or an Infographic for Pinterest will get a lot more traction.

The content you create needs to work within the context of the social media platform you use so that you achieve the highest levels of engagement and ROI.

If you are looking for original creative content, supported by an effective digital marketing strategy, please don't hesitate to get in touch with myself or one of the creative team here at Westgate. shaun@westgatecomms.com



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