14 July 2017
Amy Anderson, Design Intern

Work Experience at Westgate Comms

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Having never experienced a working environment before, I had no idea what to expect in the time I’d be spending at Westgate Communications. As a result of this, I was pretty nervous walking up to the building, but I certainly didn't need to be!

Thanks to the friendly and supportive office here at Westgate, I instantly felt comfortable and welcome. I learnt so many valuable lessons that you’d never be taught in school and gained loads of new experiences, many of which I’m sure will prove helpful throughout my entire life.

I started my week here with little to no knowledge of branding, yet finished with so many designs and products I never thought I’d be able to create! It was a thoroughly enjoyable and educational experience, as I learnt to use many softwares (such as Illustrator and InDesign) all in the space of a week. I was given a wide variety of tasks to accomplish, none of which included the typical ‘work experience jobs’ I assumed I’d be doing. I could independently try out and experiment with my ideas, and whenever I was stuck or confused everyone was keen to help. It’s because of the happy, friendly atmosphere at Westgate Comms that I could enjoy my time here as much as I have.

The biggest difference between my time at Westgate and my secondary school is that here, you’re given so much freedom to design and create anything you want, rather than just being told exactly what to do. I’m extremely grateful for all the help and tips I’ve received, as it’s really helped me improve in so many different ways! Before this experience, if you told me to create a ‘monogram logotype’, it would be as useless as telling me to speak fluent French.

I’m so glad I chose to do my work experience here, as it’s the perfect place for anyone to experience the real world of work, due to the huge diversity of work and the fast-paced nature of the office. It’s impossible to feel bored with so much going on!

Out of all the lessons I learnt here, I think the most valuable one is not to give up, and to keep developing your ideas. Even if you think you can’t possibly change or improve anything more, somebody else might have a helpful suggestion so don’t be afraid to ask for another opinion. I understand the fear of meeting and talking to new people more than anyone, but I found that I could easily speak to others due to the positive team of people who are always willing to help you, even if you're completely lost!

Overall, I highly recommend spending time at Westgate Communications if you’re looking for work experience, even if it's just for a week. If you’re interested in design, branding, marketing or PR, and want to see what a job revolving around these areas is like, or if you just want to experience the world of work, Westgate is the perfect place.


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