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02 December 2013
Shaun Westgate, Managing Director

What does the future hold for Web Design?

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With the explosion in popularity of mobile devices in our work and domestic lives, the traditional desktop website is becoming more and more redundant. There is a new wave sweeping through digital design and it's all about integration. Users of all kinds are demanding far more from their online experience, because they are now accessing websites on a diverse range of desktop and mobile devices. With so many great apps around, I find myself going to the iPhone or iPad to access key sites – the user experience is just superior.

The app environment will become common place on all desktop and mobile devices, because the user experience is so much more fulfilling.

In the short term, the web designers' challenge will be to create dynamic user experiences for a diverse range of developing mobile and desktop technologies. The web design solutions will become more complex, with responsive web design playing a key part in aiding delivery of a range of user experiences. Clearly, the user experience on a mobile device that fits in your pocket is going to be very different from a 24 inch desktop computer. This is where app technology will steal the march over the traditional desktop user experience.

I believe this will be a relativity short term challenge, because as technology develops, users will demand one user experience on a preferred device – the race is on for what that device is. The mobile phone and tablet designers are all looking for the optimum size device that is capable of providing a plethora of consumer needs, from ordering your groceries, having a video conference, taking the perfect picture, knowing what the weather will be tomorrow etc.

Google Glass or something similar will become common place. How we all interact with the web will be the same, there will be one common format that we all use. The web designer then will create distinction by developing how content is presented. It will also all be about the quality of the words, video, imagery and of course, the 'look and feel'. This future world of communications will be incredibly exciting, challenging and rewarding.

If you are looking for an original creative solution in the digital or brand development space, please don't hesitate to get in touch with myself or one of the creative team here at Westgate. shaun@westgatecomms.com


Google Glass


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