04 January 2013
Shaun Westgate, Managing Director

How to navigate the digital marketing landscape

Digital Marketing

We are in very exciting times when all companies can now market themselves very effectively online. The key to doing this successfully for your business is to develop an effective digital marketing strategy which, implemented in the right way, will raise the profile of your business to thought-leadership status, drive traffic to your website and ultimately generate more sales leads.

Getting the brand right online
The first part of this digital strategy is to develop a strong brand that can be implemented across a range of online platforms. An effective brand has a unique personality that 'stands out' from the competition and engages with your target audiences.

Maximising your web site
Another key element is your website, which needs to be designed and produced in the right way so you make the very most of every online opportunity. There are lots of considerations, for example, developing a high impact design with a clear structure and efficient functionality, to enhance the user’s journey. The optimisation of the website – so it ranks highly in Google search engines – is another vital factor. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is now becoming very sophisticated, so it is important you talk to an expert to ensure that your site will rank highly.

Content is king online
For your website to function as a 21st century communications tool, it needs to be dynamic. The content needs to be high quality, relevant and appealing to your key audiences. It is also important that this content is then easily shared across a range of other social media channels such as Twitter or LinkedIn, so that further sales dialogue and engagement opportunities are created for your business. But, it is important to remember that without good quality content, social media activity will not yield the required results.

Part of your digital marketing strategy should also contain PR, a vital element in engaging with the right audiences. PR is no longer just about the press release; it is now a key tool in raising the profile of companies online and in generating quality content to position companies as 'thought leaders' in both online media and across social media channels.

Thought leadership delivers customer engagement and sales
For social media and digital marketing to truly work, companies and brands need to build a position of authority. To develop and mobilise digital communities requires hard work and creativity but by generating quality content such as white papers, articles, video and photography, you will position your brand as a thought-leader and this will lead to true engagement with your customers and ultimately, to the growth of your business online.


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