06 March 2013
Shaun Westgate, Managing Director

Effective online marketing to get real business results

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For most brands to stay competitive, they need a highly effective integrated online marketing strategy that combines a whole range of specialist skills. This strategy should be developed so that your brand engages with your customers online in the best way possible. Most importantly, any online strategy should be tailored to the business objectives, which will then ultimately contribute to the bottom line.

Below is a typical outline of how our team of experts build online marketing strategies for our clients.

Developing your brand
Firstly, we identify who you are, what you do and what differentiates you from the competition. We then use a wide range of creative design solutions to develop a distinct and professional 'look and feel' for the brand, so that it stands out from the competition. Always ensuring a consistent application across all on and offline marketing material is also crucial to this process.

Design a ‘stand out’ optimised website
A well designed website that clearly delivers results is central to an effective digital marketing strategy. We use creative design to reflect the brand and powerfully communicate the USPs and key product benefits in the most effective way. We also use sophisticated SEO strategies and techniques to ensure that the website is highly visible and that it captivates the key target audiences.

Create unique, engaging content
Without quality content, your online marketing will simply not deliver the right results for your business. We will develop the right content for your target audiences, so that they find it engaging and will then want to share it across the web, raising your brand profile and helping to drive traffic to your website.

Share content creatively through blog & social channels
A well-planned social media programme allows you to share quality content in the most creative way. It also enables you to engage with your community and find out what people are saying about your brand – both positively and negatively. It will also gives you insights into what the competition are doing and what the buzz is around your brand.

Use PR to establish a ‘thought leader’ position
At the core of our online marketing strategy is public relations, which we use to build the brand profiles on and off line, creating an overall position of thought leadership for companies and their brands, as well as supporting lead generation. A key element of this is targeted, proactive media relations that raises a business’ editorial profile in the key media and social media channels that are influential to a business’ target audiences, from customers to industry peers.

Use state of the art analytics to gain insight
The beauty of online marketing is that you have some very sophisticated tools at your disposal to give you key insights into your target audiences – how they behave, what they like, what they retweet, what they share etc. We use this valuable data to develop our approach, ensuring we are always getting maximum engagement with all of our programme elements.

In summary – engage with key targets and turn them into clients or customers
If you have implemented a solid online marketing strategy, you will be able to engage with your prospects, customers or clients in a much more targeted way and develop more meaningful and long term relationships, which will lead to more business. An integrated online marketing strategy can really boost a business’ bottom line and now there is a real opportunity to develop a very focused, integrated approach that will help deliver real business results.


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