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19 October 2018
Helen Westgate, Director & Founder

In an age of fake news what we actually want is good news!

Fake News, Good News

In a year that has so far boasted two royal weddings and now all the build up and anticipation of a new royal baby next year, it is fascinating to see how hungry all the media are, on and offline, for all this positive news. 

In such uncertain times, both in the UK and globally, it seems to me that the appetite for more positive stories seems to have escalated. Editorial teams are sensing that their readers need a break from the content stream of Presidential ‘announcements’ and Brexit ‘updates’.

This new phenomenon of the media landscape needs to be acknowledged by anyone looking to increase their media and online profile. When developing communications, content gen and PR strategies, individuals, organisations and companies all need to be aware that they will now get real interest from their target media titles by distributing positive stories.

On a corporate level, the sorts of positive stories that will now get the attention of the news desks in a way that perhaps they would not have focused on them five or ten years ago include investment news, senior additions to the team, plans to hire and significant contract wins. 

All these announcements signal good business news, and will satisfy the media’s appetite to signal to their readers that, if nothing else, all is well in the good ship U.K. 


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