12 June 2011
Shaun Westgate, Managing Director

Getting real results from integrated marketing communications

Unigro website Westgate

We wanted to tell you about the series of integrated marketing campaigns that we are running for our clients which are generating some really outstanding commercial results. This integrated approach is clearly a very effective way for businesses and organisations to optimise their media spend without engaging in a multi-agency marketing programme.

One campaign which might be of interest is our integrated campaign for Unigro, a leading provider of controlled environmental chambers and glasshouses which includes a wide range of different channels and disciplines, including; Public Relations, Design, Digital Comms (Web design, SEO, PPC), Social Media, eCRM and printed communications.

Public relations
At the core of our marketing strategy for Unigro is Public Relations which we are using to build the Unigro brand to develop a position of thought leadership. A key part of this programme is a targeted, proactive media relations campaign and the results speak for themselves.

AVE: £28,700
Circulation: 240,814
ROI: 13.5:1

Our creative design and branding strategy encompasses every piece of marketing communication we create for Unigro. We consider design in the overall context of the integrated plan, which means we can attract attention to the brand, inform, educate and inspire the right audiences.


Digital Comms – Web design, SEO / PPC
The Unigro website is a CMS (Content Management System) driven site, allowing us to communicate directly to all their key audiences through a variety of updatable media streams (social media, vodcasts, blogs, newsletters, and downloads).

The site is programmed with high quality SEO friendly key phrases, metadata and content. Also, detailed metrics ares used to track downloads, identify user journeys and touch points to ensure the very most is made of every sales opportunity. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a process that involves analysing a website, making positive changes and implementing a long-term strategy to achieve success within the search engines for natural (organic) rankings. We have put as much effort into optimising and promoting the Unigro website as designing it. Now many of the key phrases for Unigro are resulting in a top rankings on the first page of Google.

We are also running a PPC or Google adwords campaign for a small monthly fee, which is generating a 2-3% click-through. This campaign is leading to much more targeted and relevant visitors to the website.

Social Media
Our well-planned social media programme has resulted in deeper relationships with Unigro's key audiences. It has enabled us to tap into online conversations and find out what people are saying about the Unigro brand – positive and negative. Also, it has given us insights into what the competition are doing and what the buzz is about Unigro. It has enabled us to identify opportunities for Unigro as well as gaining valuable knowledge of what resonates with their key audiences so that Unigro can stay ahead of their competition.

Finally, it has enabled us to direct message key prospects, which is leading to significant new business opportunities for Unigro

Getting real results from integrated marketing communications


Westgate also runs eCRM programmes for Unigro using 'Mailthis' – our own powerful new business software. We regularly send to 300-500 recipients, which results in an average response rates of 10%, which we follow up with telesales contact activity, resulting in a number of new business opportunities for Unigro.

Printed communications

We also use printed direct mail to great effect, with highly targeted mailings with telesales follow up, this is leading to some exciting new opportunities.

Unigro brochure Westgate

In summary
We do hope that you found this summary of how an intergated campaign can really boost a business’ bottom line – companies are demanding the very most from their marketing spend, now is a real opportunity to develop a very focused, integrated approach that will deliver real results.


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