11 August 2016
Helen Westgate, Director and Founder

What do clients really want from their marketing agencies?

Marketing ideas

Initially clients will approach Westgate to get the right marketing solution for their business – a new brand or website, a more high profile media presence or a quality content generation programme. It can be one of these things or any combination. The blend of marketing solutions that we develop for them will always depend on the individual case and the specifics of the client's business structure and operating environment.

But in my experience, no matter what the client or the sector they are in, whether they are big or small, all clients are looking for the same things from their marketing partner.

An ability to listen to what they need.
We don't just sell our clients' services to boost our bottom line. We provide them with marketing counsel that is led by integrity, to point them in the right direction for their business.

Value for money and great results.
We always aim to deliver great service which consistently delivers a strong ROI. Our average client relationship at Westgate is over five years – well above the norm of most agencies and the reason for this is that we always ensure that our delivery exceeds the expectations of our clients. We don't over promise and we don't under deliver either.

Flexibility and pragmatism.
There may be challenges along the way (this is business after all!) but we don't shy away from, and we are never afraid of, frank discussions with our clients to realign an agreed marketing strategy so that it achieves the right results. Adapting marketing activity to allow for market changes is incredibly important, as is generating topical or creative initiatives to allow a client to quickly take advantage of a new commercial opportunity.

Friendship and trust.
Without seeming overly soppy, at Westgate we have always enjoyed the friendships that we have developed with our clients over the years. This is not because we can tell a good joke – I certainly can't! These friendships have grown as a result of the trust that our clients feel towards us – they know as soon as they start working with any of the team here that if we say we are going to do something, we will do just that! And if the agreed activity cannot be completed as planned, there will be a very good reason for this that will be explained, with an alternative strategy recommended in its place.

Trust and clear communication is what any relationship is all about and this is no different at Westgate with the relationships that we enjoy with our clients.

So at Westgate we will stick to our winning formula – listening, delivering great results with pragmatism and flexibility and working to exceed the expectations of the great business friends that are our clients.


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