17 November 2015
Caroline Walker, Senior Account Manager

Christmas is coming

Christmas ads

It’s November, which means that our television sets are reeling with Christmas advertisements. The Westgate PR team opened the Quality Streets, tuned in and critiqued this year’s line-up and picked our favourites:


1. Sainsbury’s – favoured by Alice and Eleanor
We were relieved to find the Sainsbury's advert gave us the heartwarming feeling that this year's other adverts have not. The hotly-anticipated 2015 John Lewis ad, while it does send an important message, is a bit too depressing. The Sainsbury's advert, however, has captured the true spirit of Christmas in a positive and upbeat way. The sense of community, good will and true Britishness really resonates with us, and all for a great charity and cause.

Does the advert make us desperate to shop at Sainsbury's? Not necessarily, but this positions the supermarket as a good honest brand that has a moral conscience – particularly in respect of their commitment to Save The Children.

Sainsbury’s Christmas Ad

Well done Sainos, Merry Mogging Christmas!


2. Mulberry – chosen by Caroline
The advertisement is a tongue-in-cheek representation of the original Christmas story but instead of the baby Jesus a red Mulberry handbag is at the centre of this Nativity scene. The recipient, “Mary”, is visited by a portly shepherd, who gushes over the bag despite acknowledging: “I wouldn’t usually go for red”, and the three kings arrive sporting crowns from crackers. The advert also allows viewers to register online and win the “miracle bag” – my name’s definitely in that hat!

Mulberry Christmas Ad


3. Burberry – selected by Harriet
Burberry celebrates its 'Britishness' this Christmas by recruiting iconic and recognisable British faces to recreate the opening scene of Billy Elliott.

Though not a tearjerker or a heart-felt advert, it represents the idea of celebrating Christmas at home, albeit with a touch of luxury and sparkle, which, let’s be honest is something we all look to enjoy at Christmas time. Simplicity has won and for Burberry – it’s as simple as Romeo Beckham, Julie Walters and Naomi Campbell jumping on a bed.

Burberry Christmas Ad


4. Asda – chosen by Bex
Loud, fun and just a little bit silly, this ad is the easiest to relate to as it features the ridiculous things that we are all guilty of indulging in at Christmas. Why would you put antlers on a dog?! #becauseitschristmas.

Asda has also successfully created a Christmas advert that works well across all media channels. It can easily be split into 10-second short sections for television and making the most of the five-second advertisement slots before YouTube videos. The hashtag encourages engagement on social media and works well as a clear statement on traditional billboard advertising. Following the success of the previous Asda ad song, “Oh my Love” by The Score, the supermarket is also looking to engage music lovers and get viewers to “Shazam” Fleur East’s “Sax” soundtrack.

Asda Christmas Ad


5. TK Maxx – picked by Rebecca
Tugging at your heartstrings, this ad campaign looks to shame us all into admitting we may not know our neighbours as well as we should. Referring to neighbours simply as “the couple you see in the hallway” and “Number 24”, TK Maxx is urging us to reach out to those nearest to us and – because its prices are so low – give them a present this Christmas. In the same sentiment as the Sainsbury’s offering, this advert is a heartfelt reminder that Christmas is for celebrating together.

TK Maxx Christmas Ad


The arrival of Christmas adverts has become a calendar date in itself, doing more than just alerting us to the season’s approach but also as a PR and marketing tool, sparking debate and giving retailers extra column inches in print, online and social media. So join in the debate and tweet us your favourite @WestgateComms.


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