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28 May 2020
Caroline Walker, Director of PR & Content

Saying the right thing in today’s market

Know how to say the right thing in today’s business market

A third of businesses are now rethinking their commercial practices in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. (Censuswide, 2020).

Companies are diversifying and evolving their offerings in order to retain existing clients as well as to attract new business. Yet it is important not to confuse staff and customers with messaging that suggests a dramatic shift in values, service offerings or operational changes and instead, it is better to outline the value that these changes offer. As ever, clear communication is central to success and will help to build trust and boost your reputation as both a supplier or as an employer.

Positivity In messaging is key
45% of business decision-makers said that positive messaging is one of the most important tactics to get through the trading challenges caused by COVID-19 (Censuswide, 2020).

While we cannot and should not ignore the impact of the pandemic, it is critical to reassure customers and stakeholders. All company messaging should strike the balance between acknowledging how difficult the current climate is whilst also maintaining confidence. When it comes to building meaningful relationships, sharing positive news, acknowledging progress and celebrating achievements is really powerful in the current climate.

Share insight and offer advice
Your expertise is why clients hire you in the first place. In the wake of dramatic changes across all industries, there is plenty of confusion over best practice and what’s next. You will be more aware of what is happening and what is important in your field than your clients or colleagues in other departments. This knowledge is a valuable asset and whether shared through a white paper or a series of opinion piece articles, promoting your expertise can build trust both within your organisation and externally.

Be specific
There is a lot of information out there, much of it overwhelming. To cut through, content should be focused. E.g. a weekly email offering an industry overview, and highlighting the important things your audience needs to know, is helpful and can cement your position as a trusted supplier. To truly showcase your expertise, explore niche areas or answer specific questions, setting yourself apart from your competitors.

For advice on crafting messages that add value and resonate with the right people, please contact Caroline Walker on 01732 779 087.


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