17 February 2021
Caroline Walker, Director of PR & Content

Can communications deliver business growth in 2021?

Can communications deliver business growth in 2021?

Organisations have made huge changes in response to the coronavirus pandemic, adapting how they operate, deliver and manage employee and client interactions. Initially, companies planned to “wait out” the pandemic, with many business changes meant to be temporary and made out of necessity. Domestically and commercially, we are all still feeling the immediate effects of the pandemic; however, our mindsets are fixed on what is possible and what lies ahead. Almost a year on from the first UK lockdown and businesses have moved on from initial survival tactics; instead they are focusing on ways to progress and become more resilient within the confines of the current global environment. 

To drive growth, business leaders traditionally concentrate on the organisation's parts that deliver profit growth, such as the sales department, investment raising, and team management. But it is short-sighted to overlook the value effective communications add and the crucial part they play in a successful growth strategy. 

Communications as a sales driver
Marketing and communications are natural partners with sales – from product descriptions, to advertising and PR, and client relations. Without these elements, customers will stay unaware of new products and services and a lack of continuous drip-fed communications can cause sales for existing products can dry up. A sales communications strategy will streamline how your team disseminates information, improve retention and increase success. It also helps to build brand identity and awareness, keeping all communications within accepted guidelines. 

In an ever-changing environment, an effective sales communication strategy helps to quickly launch new campaigns, promote discounts and react to emerging customer needs. Established messaging and processes can dramatically reduce the time from campaign inception to launch. Drawing on existing audience profiles cuts research time and ensures fast development of communications that resonate and drive purchase.

Communications for investment
Investing audiences need to understand and buy into your brand as much as (if not more so) than your customers. For new investors, effective communications play a vital role in selling your business as an attractive proposition; for existing stakeholders, communicating success assures them of their decision, securing their interest. 

Too often, communications for investing stakeholders focus on figures and past success, yet there is a huge opportunity to share brand stories and vision. Just as ethical investments have become increasingly attractive, there is more interest in diverse and disruptive organisations and home-grown businesses – careful communications can tap into these motivations.

Communications for growing teams
Remote working has the potential to weaken the feeling of community, pride and belonging employees feel when part of an organisation. A year without awaydays, team-building activities and after-work drinks could take its toll on the people that organisations rely upon to deliver growth. 

Internal communication programmes are often viewed as a way to circulate company information or updates on corporate protocol. As much as well executed communications can help teams adopt new processes, there is scope to do more. Creating an engaged community, delivering training and best practice, and building a brand that employees can get behind, all help attract and retain talented individuals. As we have said before, your staff are your biggest brand advocates and a strategy that helps your team promote your values and services will undoubtedly drive growth. 

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