28 March 2012
Shaun Westgate, Managing Director

Designing for the touch screen generation

EWL Imtech

We have just designed a new website for EWLImtech, market leaders in water disinfection technology. A major consideration was how the website would work on a range of different touch screen technologies. Clearly, a lot of users are now using a range of different devices such as digital tablets, smart phones etc. so the website design needed to accommodate this.

Here are a few of the things that we took into consideration...

Design approach

We wanted to present the information in a clear, precise and logical way and our design solution lays out the product benefits and offerings very clearly, with dynamic click throughs, all adding value to the user journey.


All the information we presented is just a click away to access; the idea of drilling down endlessly makes the user journey hard work. Clearly, people use their fingers to navigate through the website, so we ensured the links have space around them and are easy to use. Also, B2B websites need to sell hard so the 'call to action' is very prominent.


This was the perfect opportunity to build the website in an open-source system, so our client can amend content as and when they like, without needing to be a 'techno wiz'. We chose WordPress which is very flexible and didn't restrict us from creating a unique design that could work on a range of different platforms.

Flash is a no no... but you can use HTML5

Clearly, Flash is not supported on the iPad or iPhone, but that doesn't mean you can't run video. HTML5 can be used so animated media will run smoothly on most mobile / touch browsers.


With so many more users accessing the web on their mobile, narrow scrolling pages are the order of the day. Our EWLImtech site is bright, simple, engaging with clear user journeys. If you want to stay head of your competition, keep your design approach simple and impactful, so it will work on a range of different devices.


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