15 April 2015
By Ellie Outram, PR Assistant

Three key ways to use social media to boost your PR strategies

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Social media is one of the fastest ways to reach your target audience. Not only are companies able to communicate with target consumers in real time, social media allows companies to reach a wider range of consumers across an international platform, attracting the awareness of both existing and potential consumers.

From tweeting to blogging, here are three ways for PR companies to use social media:

1. Combine PR content and social networking sites

This can be done by including links to press releases or coverage, in social media posts, either for your company or for your clients. Include your client’s account name when doing this, as it is more than likely that the user will want to know more about the company. Similarly, incorporate social media links into press releases and establish hashtags to use on press trips or at media events in order to increase interest, awareness and online presence.

2. Target bloggers as part of your media relations

Bloggers have become the go-to source when researching online. From researching a new restaurant to ‘Googling’ a product review prior to purchase, bloggers provide a reliable and personal response. As a result of this, consumers are less likely to feel overwhelmed by adverts and selling on websites, making blogger sites incredibly influential.

3. Use social media to reach journalist

Most journalists are bombarded with hundreds of calls and emails daily. To ensure that your news story is noticed, why not use social networking to contact a journalist or publication? This method often proves more engaging and less time-consuming. Make sure you create attention-grabbing posts that include relevant hashtags to improve visibility.

While social media can offer simple and quick ways to connect with consumers and increase online presence, it is also important to ensure any social networking activity is relevant and appropriate for your company or client.

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