26 November 2018
Helen Westgate, Director & Founder

Content, content, content

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No one can escape the importance of content within marketing communications as businesses and organisations strive to generate the right content to attract the right commercial traffic in today’s digital world.

But, the reality is that only the right content will make the right impact. There is now also an increasing realisation within the business community that investing in quality content is crucial – generating irrelevant, low quality content, full of mistakes and inaccuracies, which doesn’t say anything new, will only harm any business objectives that have been set out.

Adding gravitas
So quality is important. But also you should not be afraid to veer away from the standard short form content and opt for longer content styles. The role that industry reports, white papers and well researched thought pieces have to play in generating credibility and creating a thought leadership voice for your business or organisation is more important than ever, especially if you want to reach the C Suite – and overlook them at your commercial peril.

Recent research from Forbes on the reading habits of CEOs found that this long form content in the guise of white papers and articles is still the most widely read. In this age of 'fake news' being able to provide credible, evidence based and well thought out advice and insight is massively valuable as well as being hugely beneficial to your corporate reputation.

Producing content of this type is the best way to position your business or organisation as a thought leader in its field. This type of content is also very cost effective and long lasting and can be used to drive traffic to your website or sent directly to your contacts as well as of course shared via social and traditional media.

At Westgate we regularly produce industry reports, articles and white papers for our clients. Our expert content team have written on a vast array of topics ranging from the future of the European energy market and optimising customer experience, to leading with purpose and harnessing AI technology. The key is to ensure that the subject matter is relevant to the commercial positioning and that the arguments and information that are set out will encourage online and direct engagement and dialogue from all target audiences, from customers and investors to stakeholders and industry influencers.

If you would be interested in an initial consultation with the content team here at Westgate, to identify areas where we might be able to add more gravitas to your content programme, then please do get in contact – info@westgatecomms.com


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