03 June 2015
Shaun Wesgate, Managing Director

Is your website mobile friendly? Maybe you should check!

Mobile Friendly


With the now dominant daily use of mobile phones, your website must be mobile friendly to give a positive ranking signal to Google. Any search on a mobile in any language worldwide will now have an impact on your Google Search results. It goes without saying that mobile users will find it much easier to get relevant, high quality search results if the website they are visiting is optimised for mobile.

With nearly 60% of searches now being performed using mobile devices, Google has introduced a ‘mobile-friendly’ ranking algorithm and many forward-thinking businesses have already responded quickly to making their websites mobile responsive. Some companies are still resisting making their website mobile friendly, and if they want to continue to achieve high-ranking results and avoid being penalised, they need to take action now.

Clearly, our user habits have changed immeasurably in the last couple of years because our mobile devices have become far more powerful and sophisticated. Most of us now rely greatly on our mobiles for work and home life whether booking appointments, surfing online or managing all our social platforms and networks. We expect our user experience to be seamless and if we are on a website that is difficult to access on a mobile, we simply move on!

But Google recommends that websites should be mobile responsive. This means that your main or desktop site can be viewed on a mobile. There are some key design elements to consider including scaling fonts for different screen sizes and ensuring that buttons and navigation are easy to see and large enough to use easily.

In summary, for companies to remain competitive online, it's vital that they offer their users a seamless experience on desktop and mobile – struggling to access a desktop site on a mobile is always a real turn off!

Why not use this link to determine whether your website is mobile friendly? www.google.co.uk/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

If it isn't, get in touch and we would be more than happy to help ensure that your website is perfectly optimised for mobile and delivers real commercial impact online – shaun@westgatecomms.com at www.westgatecomms.com


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