12 December 2018
Helen Westgate, Director & Founder

Are you missing a media trick with your content?

Quality content

As we all know, most businesses and organisations now focus on delivering quality content that will make the right impact with their target audiences. Long gone are the days of general panic when the focus was on getting any sort of content up online as quickly as possible. 

Now in today’s digital business world most of us realise that only quality content will deliver the commercial traction most businesses are after in 2018.

From literally cutting and pasting widely available material into a business’ social media feed, companies and organisations are now clear that they have to focus on creating and generating top quality content, whether this is a well argued blog or opinion piece article, or an academic white paper or industry report. We have all realised that less really is more and that it is definitely worth the investment from the marketing budget to generate content that is in both impressive and as relevant as it can possibly be to both current and potential customers and clients.

In our view at Westgate, content produced commercially must always resonate with a business’ audiences, from customers to potential investors and industry influences. However there is one audience that sometimes many businesses and organisations can overlook, when planning on the themes and topics that their content will address.

As well as engaging with new business prospects there is also a huge opportunity to proactively launch this content to target media. Not only does this increase the corporate profile but it also will of course boost online traffic and presence, a huge commercial bonus.

The key to achieving media exposure lies in the preparation. When planning the themes and topics of the new content, it is important to include the PR and communications team or agency in this process, to develop the media angles for the content so that once launched it will also attract the interest of target media for even more impact. 

At Westgate we are always involved with this process with our clients, and when generating content for a client, we will also always ensure that the topics resonate with the client’s media landscape so that we can ensure that we deliver the right media impact for them.

National coverage of new content not only puts a business or organisation in the news but it will also be a powerful, and very cost effective tool in really leveraging SEO levels and keeping businesses or organisations ahead of their competition.


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