05 June 2019
Shaun Westgate, Managing Director

What we look for in design graduates

Graphic Design graduates

As the latest crop of design students leave uni this summer, they are clearly very keen to land themselves their first job in a creative design agency. The good ones will develop their own personal brand and create a campaign for themselves in a clever and creative way to get through the agency door.

To do this they will have prepared a strong portfolio featuring their very best work – six projects is maximum. Starting with their best piece, ending with their second best project and hopefully with a great project in the middle. They will be professional, open and willing to learn and work in a team, but what will give them the edge to beat off the competition and land themselves their first job in design?

Westgate work with a diverse range of global clients in professional services, we have a big appetite for creating impactful design on and offline that engages with our clients key audiences, communicating their commercial messages in the most creative and effective way.

Our clients look to us to provide them with a diverse range of creative design which includes:
- Positioning and messaging
- Logo design and brand identity
- Web design – websites, microsite and online tools
- Video design and production
- Literature design
- Event and exhibition design

The designers that come to work with us must be able to work creatively and effectively across all these different mediums.

The Westgate design studio is a dynamic, busy environment and our design team work across lots of different design disciplines – we can be asked to design a logo and brand identity, develop a storyboard for a video, produce a website design and UX experience, or design and layout a range of brochures. This creates a challenging environment where designers need to be able to apply their creative talent to deliver different solutions. This environment is incredibly rewarding as designers can apply their creative skills in lots of different ways.

When we look to recruit graduates to join the team we are looking for designers who are creative, intelligent with a real willingness to use their talent in many different ways. Ideally, we like to see evidence of a wide range of design disciplines in a portfolio, but this is not vital. However, we do need to be convinced that a designer has the talent and skill to turn their hand to a wide range of disciplines.

If you believe you have the talent, drive, enthusiasm and commitment to be start your career in design we would love to hear from you.

Happy job hunting!


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