17 March 2020
Caroline Walker, Director of PR & Content

Together we can weather this storm

Content to grow your business

We are all facing unprecedented times and the impact that quarantine will have on businesses of all sizes and the economy as a whole is unknown. The organisations that can easily shift to working from home, are economically connected to businesses that can’t.

As well as the foreseen sectors that will suffer, including travel, hospitality and events, the knock-on effects are unpredictable, potentially changing our working practices for the long-term.

Where there is challenge, there is always opportunity but switching your business model to serve people in this new environment is not always easy.

We want to help businesses at this time and help keep things moving so that in hard times, they might not need to fall as far. As part of the business community, we want to help fellow companies as best as we can. And, as part of the service industry, we can only grow when others grow, and we feel pain when others suffer.

We are now offering free initial communications consultations, along with tailored support packages, whether this is for copywriting, strategy planning or general communications consultancy.

From social media and web copy, to internal business communications and wider customer relations, we can help.

If you, or anyone you know would benefit from advice or support at this time, please get in touch with Caroline Walker.


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