31 May 2016
Shaun Westgate, Managing Director

Delivering design solutions that make real impact

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Every week at Westgate we design a huge variety of different on and offline content for a wide range of UK and global clients. In the development of all our creative solutions, we will cover a diverse range of design disciplines including branding, web design, video and exhibition design among many others.

Below we have summarised the particular Westgate approach to developing design solutions that make a real impact and helping us build strong client relationships.

1. Detailed proposal
Before we start any project, we always create a detailed proposal responding to the client brief. This can be an interesting stage as we can also become involved in the formulation of the brief itself. Our proposal will include our initial ideas, a detailed cost breakdown and a production schedule. Once the work is under way, we will work diligently to ensure we remain on schedule and on budget.

2. Think first! Design later
At this stage it is important to know that when we start to develop our strategy we are solving the right solution to the right problem. This is a key time when we establish the right direction of the project – there are no rewards for great design solutions that are off the mark. We are very conscious that we develop a range of concepts that will be effective and make a real impact on our client’s business.

3. Solving the problem with flair and originality
Once we have agreement on the direction of the project, it is time to get creative, with the knowledge that we are solving the right problem. What is interesting about this stage is that because we have established a clear direction, we will have clarity of thought when producing design concepts – this invariably leads to unique designs being produced.

4. Seamless delivery
We have always had a passion for delivery at Westgate – we never forget that we are in a service industry and we work tirelessly to deliver projects as seamlessly as possible. The goal posts can move, the schedule can change, the focus can shift but we will use our many years of experience and expertise to deliver design solutions that make a real impact on our client’s business.

If you would like to talk to one of the expert team at Westgate about helping you to connect more directly with your target audiences, with strategic creative marketing communications that will deliver great commercial impact for your business, please email info@westgatecomms.com. We would love to hear from you!


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