07 August 2017
Ellen Cartwright, Design Intern

Engage with my age…

Young Social Media users

Why should you start engaging with us twenty somethings on social media? Because we’re glued to our smart phones – trust me! I can almost guarantee my entire age group will spend more time refreshing their newsfeed, than talking to another human in one day. “That’s terrible!” you say? Well I would say use it to your advantage. Every time we refresh, click on a related post, watch suggested video after suggested video, there are so many opportunities for you to engage with us.

Instant communication is a way of life. Taking notice of The White Company’s clothing brochure, posted through my letter box is out of the question. But show me pictures of your latest outfits and bed linen on Instagram?! I’ll like every picture and possibly take a look at your website, but only if the link is in your bio, or if I can swipe up… Not sure what I just said? Ok, let me explain.

Features on social media platforms make my life instantly easy, and Instagram is a great example. Let's say Urban Decay post a beautiful image of their latest eyeshadow palette and my initial reaction is “I need that”. I could close Instagram, open up Google, search for Urban Decay,  go to their website, search again for the product and then buy it. This may take two minutes tops, but I want to cut out the middle man (sorry Google!) and Urban Decay know this all to well. In the description box of the image, they use the phrase “link in bio” which is the direct way to reach the product’s page on their website. This will take two steps, clicking on their icon which takes me to their profile page, tapping the link displayed in the profile description box, and there I am credit card in hand. Easy right? Now let's take it a step further.

Posting a tutorial on their Insta Story using this product, shows me how easy and quick it is to create a flawless smokey eye, I’ll swipe up and find myself ready to purchase. Does this make sense? We crave consistent engagement with online profiles, we want material gain, maybe a discount or a winnable competition and most importantly, we want to be entertained. The most successful online profiles are those who regularly post, with a consistent and engaging feed that appeals to their following. 

The same rules apply to Social Media Influencers. If their feed consists of things we are interested in, (e.g. food, fitness, makeup, design...), they are entertaining and consistent with their online activity, we will want to engage with them. We enjoy watching them, getting to know them and asking them questions. Even though we’ve never met these people, we trust what they say and believe the teeth whitening kit they have just used which has changed their life, and naturally we will want to buy the same product. Do they always work for us? Not always. Do we continue to watch the influencers and buy the products they suggest? Of course we do. We might not engage with an advert at a bus stop or in a magazine, but if my favourite influencer on YouTube or Instagram uses a product, I’ll probably take an interest. Some companies have started involving online influencers with developing new products. Announcing these partnerships online will also help drum up interest before the product has even been made. “Sneak Peak” posts will encourage their following to engage with the brand.

Our relationship with brands has completely changed because of social media and if you don't have a strong and proactive online presence, filled with engaging personalities and relevant, topical content, you will struggle to engage with us twenty somethings.


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