24 October 2018
Shaun Westgate, Managing Director

How is branding evolving?

Brand 'look and feel'

The Iversen Practice’s deep understanding of the human psyche makes it the ‘go to place’ for coaching. A unique psychological skill set differentiates it from other coaching providers. This positioning is achieved with a new brand look and feel, comprising a brand mark and visual language. The brand itself is bold, inspirational and disruptive.

Branding is no longer a designer logo, a range of colours and a unique typeface, all applied to a range of marketing materials. That approach was in ‘the old days’ when companies spent a great deal of time and money creating a rigid set of brand guidelines that all employees and suppliers were expected to follow diligently when producing any marketing material.

These guidelines ensured a company or organisation presented itself in a consistent and coherent way usually giving them ‘standout’, because their competitors hadn’t seen the value in quality branding and had not engaged in the creative services of a design consultancy to give them a clear and commercially impactful 'look and feel'.

Inevitably the world moves on and greater technological advances are made, the obvious ones being the World Wide Web and the development of highly engaging social media platforms, making all those sets of brand guidelines suddenly seem too rigid and seemingly irrelevant.

But in actual fact, today the basic principles of branding haven’t changed that much. Companies and organisations still need to develop a unique positioning in the marketplace, articulate this with a logo and brand visual language that conveys the brand promise, in an emotional, truthful and compelling way, connecting with audiences for the long term.

But the difference is that for a modern brand to be truly effective it needs to engage much more directly with its audiences in many different ways, across a diverse range of online and social platforms, all demanding their own individual communication subtleties. But this now means that the brand needs to be able to breathe and evolve, a prescriptive set of brand guidelines is not the answer but a far more fluid approach, with overall values at its core and using a brand kit of parts that can breathe, evolve and develop for the long term.

If you would like to talk to one of the expert team here at Westgate about helping you to develop a creative approach for your branding and design, to deliver great commercial impact for your business, please email shaun@westgatecomms.com. We would love to hear from you!


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