30 August 2012
Shaun Westgate, Managing Director

The big opportunity in Social Media right now is...

Pinterest logo

...Make it more visual!

Instagram and Pinterest are the fastest-growing social networks in the world right now. In the last year Instagram has grown over 2,000% in the UK and by over 17,000% in North America. I believe Facebook will now start to decline and this is based on how popular more visual platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are becoming. Facebook are obviously very aware of this, which is why they recently paid a 'cool billion' dollars in cash for Instagram a few months ago.

I also think these more visual social networks, particularly Pinterest, are working very hard on ensuring a great user experience on a smart phone or tablet. As a user, I am starting to think that Pinterest is actually more fun on an iPad or iPhone, rather than my PC, which is amazing!

But this is all only the 'tip of the iceberg', the opportunities to promote a brand in an exciting, dynamic and visual way are going to be endless, so bring on the future!

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