14 February 2014
Chelsey Palmer, Account Executive

Love is always in the air at Westgate!

Love is in the air


As the festive cheer and memories of New Year begin to fade, Valentine’s Day is here!

Valentine’s Day is a date in the calendar that certainly encourages feelings of love, and as Cupid himself takes his first few aims, love is very much in the air within the PR industry. A commitment to maintaining and building relationships with our clients however is not one that Westgate only reserves for February 14th – it is something that we work hard to do throughout the year as well.

At Westgate, we pride ourselves on having excellent relationships with our clients, working as an extension of their own in-house PR and Marketing teams. We have worked with the majority of our clients for five or more years now and there is no doubt that by placing our clients at the very heart of what we do, we achieve the very best results.

Our top tips to maintaining a client relationship are simple – always deliver the best and keep your clients’ best interests at heart – much the same as with any relationship, whether this is working or professional. Just like any great relationship, or indeed partnership, both parties need to be working harmoniously together.

Here are three of our top tips to ensure you get the most out of your PR relationships:

In the words of BT, “It’s good to talk” but listen too. 
We believe that it is important to sit down while with your clients on a regular basis, to really understand what each other is thinking and to ensure your objectives are aligned. We do this all the time with our clients, setting up regular meetings and conference calls, to understand how well our activity is matching the direction the client's business would like to take.

Think ahead.
Whether this is being proactive and responding to the upcoming news agenda, to gain more media traction for our clients or working efficiently and responding quickly to our clients’ demands, good planning is key to what we do. We always want to be prepared at the right time to take advantage of the right opportunity to generate the right positive brand exposure for our clients, their businesses and their products. It is vital that we make ourselves invaluable in this way so that we ensure we have long and lasting client relationships.

Think creatively. 

No one likes a ‘stale mate’ so we always think creatively about our campaigns, taking fresh, new ideas to the table to avoid falling into the trap of ‘convenient PR’.

So this year, if you're looking for a new PR partner, and would like to work with an agency who will love you back, please contact Westgate Communications on 01732 779 087 or send an email to, info@westgatecomms.com.



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