22 September 2015
Shaun Westgate, Managing Director

How to attract new prospects to your website

Attracting visitors

Firstly, your website must sell your brand promise in the most compelling way. This means when visitors land on your homepage they are clear about what you do, what your unique proposition is and what your key messages are.

Then, you need to decide who you want to attract. By doing some keyword research, you can determine the key search phrases that potential prospects will use to find the type of services you offer through the major search engines. With this intelligence, you are perfectly placed to optimise your website by ensuring your title tags and meta descriptions reflect these relevant key phrases.

Once you website is fully optimised with a compelling brand promise you are ready to drive traffic to it through a whole range of activities depending on your audiences, budget, time scales and resources. Your website needs to have a 'pulse' and become a fountain of quality content that is easy to access and share – serving as an information hub. This could include regular blog posts offering real insight into your sector, entertaining video demonstrating your expertise and experience or ground-breaking white papers that can be easily downloaded in pdf form.

It is also important to use Google analytics to monitor traffic and user journeys, helping you modify and adapt your content for maximum engagement with your users.

There is a real skill here in determining the right mix of channels and platforms to engage effectively with key prospects and generate new leads. We have managed many integrated marketing plans across a range of sectors and we use our expertise and experience to determine the most effective integrated plan for each project. An integrated marketing plan will clearly outline all your marketing activity on and offline, include time scales and targets. This activity will help drive traffic to your website and, when prospects land on your website, compelling content and clear calls to action will ensure you engage with key audiences. I have covered how to create a marketing plan in a previous blog post so do take a look. www.westgatecomms.com/blog/114/the-power-of-an-integrated-digital-marketing-plan

If you are looking to generate new leads from your website, please don't hesitate to get in touch with myself or one of the creative team here at Westgate: shaun@westgatecomms.com


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