21 March 2014
Shaun Westgate, Managing Director

How branding and web design can work together


A selection of our creative work for The Gallery


We have been asked many times to re-design a company or organisation's website, and it's fascinating how many times this has actually become a complete rebranding exercise, and a rather simple and and effective one at that.

Why does this happen? Whenever we are asked to re-design a website, we don't just create a simple templated solution. We will deliver a bespoke website design that truly reflects the client's brand, has originality and stands out from the competition. Our holistic approach ensures the website is a vehicle to convey all the key brand and sales messages in the most compelling way.

What has become very clear to us when designing a website is that for many SMEs, their website is the most visible and important part of their marketing armoury, so this cannot be designed in isolation. Also, as so much of an organisation's marketing collateral is now online, the digital visual language that is developed for a website can be easily translated onto a whole range of other social media and online marketing platforms.

Clearly, it goes without saying that for many large global organisations, their brand can be very complex, so a traditional branding process will need to be adopted. But, for smaller organisations, where their brand proposition is relatively simple, a brand 'look and feel' for a website can easily translate onto a whole range of on and offline marketing collateral.

The work we have done for the The Gallery, a leading high-end hair salon, is a great example where the web design has developed into the overall 'look and feel' for the brand. We have positioned The Gallery as an aspirational brand that offers bespoke, leading edge quality to a diverse customer base.

 Since launching The Gallery website last year, we have developed a whole range of sophisticated marketing collateral to help raise the profile of the salon further, with a new loyalty card, a gift voucher system and an on and offline advertising campaign. www.thegalleryhairandbeauty.co.uk

Westgate has a long track record in creating bespoke websites for clients, which have a unique 'visual language' that have then been effectively adopted for their overall brands. If you are looking for a new website, and possibly a brand refresh, please do not hesitate to get in touch with myself or one of the creative team here. shaun@westgatecomms.com


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