20 September 2013
Alice Baker, Account Manager

Twitter makes history


Just in case you've been hiding under a rock for the last few days, Twitter has finally announced its plans to float and join the stock market.

There are two interesting things to note here.

Firstly – and perhaps most obviously – is that after much anticipation and teasing, Twitter announced its plan to float and open its doors to private investors. As the most eagerly awaited news since Facebook's floatation last year, it is fascinating to see such value being placed on what is essentially an online message board; a clear indicator of the popularity and shift towards reaching consumers online.

Secondly, Twitter took the decision to make such an important announcement on its own social media platform. Hats off to the genius whose idea it was to make the announcement in a tweet – this sort of news is usually communicated in a very traditional and formal way. Not only did this cause a stir in terms of the way the announcement was made, but it also reached out directly to a huge amount of potential investors.

All that said and done, and regardless of the hype, what Twitter actually did was go back to basics by selecting the right channel to communicate its message in the most effective way possible. This is not only highly reflective of the brand but it also demonstrates the ability to integrate both traditional and modern forms of communication.

And now, in the words of Twitter's follow-up tweet, it's time to go back to work!


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