20 March 2014
Alice Baker, Account Manager

Keeping your eye on the PR prize

Happy Mother's Day


In an unfortunate turn of events (I blame my parents), my Birthday falls at the end of March. It’s something that used to be a really good thing – spring parties in the garden with a bouncy castle – but now I’m older, I have to deal with the disappointment of ‘sharing’ my Birthday with other seasonal events. 

Sometimes it’s Easter Sunday, (not too bad, I had an Easter egg hunt for my Birthday one year) but this year my Birthday falls on yet another celebration – Mother’s Day. Not a big deal perhaps, but it always causes a bit of a blurring of lines in terms of what we should be celebrating, what we do and ultimately who ends up cooking the dinner. Regrettably, running away to a cosy nook in Somerset is something that won’t be on the cards this year…

So how does this relate to PR? Well, in much the same way, keeping focused on one goal and objective is the key to achieving the best results. We sometimes hear from our clients that they’ve had their ‘fingers burnt’ by PR, or been disappointed by the results they received from other agencies, and often this is because there is no clear strategy in place or the PR activity has not been aligned to their business development plans.

Coverage for coverage’s sake is not PR at its best. Instead, it’s vital that PRs drill down into the business objectives of their clients and craft a strategy that helps boost and support these plans from the very beginning, whether the client is new to PR or not.

If you’re a business engaging in PR, make sure your agency knows what your business goals are and your development plans for Q2 2014 and beyond. Only when your PR activity is focused will it truly support your business in the way you need it to.

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