02 August 2017
Shaun Westgate, Managing Director

Launching a new brand is as simple as 1,2,3

Launching a brand

Once a new brand is created it needs to be launched internally to get everyone behind it. It then needs to be promoted to the outside world to make the maximum impact. 

Over many years the team at Westgate has distilled the process of launching a brand down to three key stages. Here is a quick snapshot of this winning formula: 

Stage One – Living the brand
For a new brand to be truly effective it needs to be embraced by the organisation's employees. They need to be able to champion their new brand internally and externally.

An internal communications plan is essential to embed this change and to educate everyone in the organisation about the new brand, what it means and what is expected from everyone. At Westgate we create and run engaging workshops and presentations for our clients, designed for a cross section of different employee groups, to make them "brand champions".

These employees or brand champions will then help to educate and inspire the whole company on the new brand, its values and how everyone is expected to conduct themselves when doing business.

Stage Two – Promoting the brand
When all the key employees and leaders are fully up to speed with the new brand, it is time to launch it to the wider world. We develop a bespoke multi-channel communications plan using a blended programme of marketing, content generation and PR tactics to promote the brand values in a tailored way to engage with all the key external audiences and to generate maximum impact.

Stage Three – Assessing the brand to ensure long-term impact
Once all the proactive brand communications are underway, internally and externally, it is really important to then review all the new brand activity and make any appropriate changes or adjustments to ensure that it is as effective as possible and making the most commercial impact.

This process includes clearly agreeing the evaluation metrics, reviewing the current brand values and messaging and then taking any appropriate action.

Our focused approach to brand development always delivers impact internally and externally, as well as allowing a brand to remain as dynamic as possible both in the short and the longer term and delivering maximum value for our clients.


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