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14 September 2016
Helen Westgate, Founder & Director

Mel and Sue bake the perfect media statement

Mel & Sue

Photograph Getty Images

As a devoted fan of the Great British Bake Off and as a sad observer of all the latest production shenanigans, I was really struck by the resonance and impact created by the statement that was released by the programme's beloved presenting due, Mel and Sue.

Indeed many of the resulting media coverage has led with one of its core phrases – "we're not going with the dough".

What was great about the statement was that the two presenters communicated their views on the situation in a way that was both sincere and authentic. Whilst they were "very shocked and saddened" to learn that Bake Off was leaving the BBC, they also said that they had "had the most amazing time on Bake Off and have loved seeing it rise and rise like a pair of yeasted Latvian baps".

Making a serious point with humour can be a very powerful tool and one which these two experienced broadcasters know only too well. It will also confirm to readers why they are so popular and why their unique mix of empathy and fun could be the missing ingredient in the new show's format when it is broadcast next year on Channel 4.

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Frank Barnard - (posted on 14 September 2016 at 17:30)

Excellent, you're sure you're not acting for them?

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