12 February 2016
Bex Bahri, Account Executive

Our Valentine's Day Favourites

Valentines's Day

What we’re loving in the world of PR and Marketing this Valentine’s Day

The day of love is nearly upon us and, instead of rushing out to buy flowers or expensive chocolates, we’ve saved our money and highlighted four love-filled campaigns from the world of PR and marketing. We just adore them – what do you think? Here are our Valentine’s favourites at the moment...

1. Cadbury’s search for a new ‘Milk Tray Man’ – nominated by Alice
To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Milk Tray, Cadbury launched a search for a new Milk Tray Man. With over 20,000 applicants, the campaign was a success, capturing the attention of both men and women and raising Milk Tray’s profile amongst the younger generations, many of whom are not familiar with the brand. Firefighter and father, Patrick McBride has now been announced as the winner and after 13 years since his last appearance, Milk Tray's James Bond style hero will be back on our screens very soon. We’re all secretly hoping that he’ll swing by our office this Valentine’s Day, ‘all because the lady loves…’

2. NHS Organ Donations’ #SharetheLove campaign – nominated by Caroline
In the same way that the NHS ran the "Bleed red for England" campaign to tie-in with last year's Rugby World Cup, it is now using Valentine's Day to raise awareness of organ donation. While on the surface, this tongue-in-cheek advertisement seems to be a cynical take on Valentine's Day, the humour is designed to break the taboo that surrounds discussing organ donation. It reminds people that they should tell their loved ones about their wishes and in turn help save a life, perfectly summed up in the campaign hashtag #SharetheLove.

You can also watch the video here.

3. Waitrose’s ‘Pick Your Own’ campaign– nominated by Eleanor and Rebecca
Waitrose recently launched its ‘Pick Your Own’ campaign, which has gone down very well with its MyWaitrose members. This now allows customers to pick 10 products from a list of 100 to let them get more personalised vouchers for goods they love. Who doesn’t love a regular saving?! Surprisingly, wine wasn’t a popular choice when I asked round the office; instead bacon, fish and washing detergent were our top picks!

4. The Cadbury’s Creme Egg Pop-up Café – nominated by Bex and Harriet
Chocolate is at the epicenter of Valentine’s Day! Each year, Creme Eggs appear in the shops earlier and earlier, but this year Cadbury went one step further and at the end of last month, opened the world’s first Creme Egg Café. Everything on the menu at the pop-up cafe in Soho, London, includes the gooey filling, such as Creme Egg and Soldiers and Creme Egg Tray Bake. PR stunt or chocolate madness? Whatever it is, this concept has already proved a success, with tickets sold out. It’s definitely helped to create a buzz around the classic Easter treat, with hundreds tweeting about the #CremeEggCafe already. For those dying to get their hands on a Creme Egg Toastie, you can pop by the Café and grab one to go until the end of March, egg-cellent!

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