22 January 2016
Shaun Westgate, Managing Director

Joined-up digital marketing

Joined-up thinking

It is essential for many businesses with a strong online presence to adopt an integrated approach to marketing if they want to stay competitive, develop and grow. Clearly, this is easier said than implementing in practice.

Any business with ambitious growth plans will need an effective digital marketing and PR plan, which must include detailed analytics to judge the effectiveness of all the marketing activity undertaken.

If we assume a business has already developed a potent proposition, a highly effective responsive and optimised website that engages users and is supported by a highly targeted digital ad and PR campaign driving traffic to the site, the next stage will be to develop a joined-up digital marketing approach. This will ensure that all activity is easily measured and that the customer database is seamlessly managed.

The objective is always to plan and implement a range of marketing activities that engage with the desired target audience, and ultimately motivates them to find out more about the product or service on offer so that they become new customers.

The challenge is that, as organisations grow, they tend to adopt a range of different agencies, digital platforms and channels and this approach can become very fragmented so that it is increasingly difficult to get the ‘big picture’ of the success and impact of all this different marketing activity, what's effective and what is being achieved

Our solution is to develop an integrated digital marketing and PR plan so that all online activity can be easily tracked by a cloud based platform that can be accessed by both the client and agency teams. This can provide detailed tangible analytics on email, social and online ad campaigns including measuring increased traffic to the website and online enquiries. 

If you would like to talk to one of the expert team here at Westgate about helping you to develop an integrated digital marketing approach to deliver great commercial impact for your business, please email shaun@westgatecomms.com. We would love to hear from you!


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