12 June 2019
Helen Westgate, Director & Founder

Creating hero content… And really getting your business message across

Hero content

We all know that there is a constant challenge for businesses and organisations nowadays to stay ahead in the content race. Generating and posting quality content to maximise the online profile and meet commercial objectives has never been more vital.

But all too often, in the rush, to post information online, messages can become confused, even conflicting, and the quality of this content can then be compromised so that the desired business messages become blurred, not resonating as strongly with the target audience in question.

But how can businesses avoid this pitfall?

This is where the benefits of generating “hero content” come in. Hero content essentially is newly published information, usually focusing on market issues, trends and developments with expert insight and practical advice on how to overcome specific challenges or drive value. To give some examples, we have produced a range of reports for clients recently, on topics as diverse as 'harnessing the true value of eCommerce’ to the impact of digital disruption on the C-suite. Used in the right way, this content can become the focal point of all marketing communications activity, delivering impact on value across the business year.

Usually this kind of content is published within the structure of a white paper or an industry report. It does require an upfront investment of time and planning, but the short and long-term benefits of publishing this quality material online will be extensive, generating online exposure and direct engagement with potential customers.

Planning is absolutely key. Before commissioning any new research or correlating any industry information, it is also important to ensure that there are top copywriters on hand to present this new content in the most compelling way. It is also important that the conclusions and arguments of this new content strongly correlate with the challenges your customers are facing, and that you can provide fresh and innovative advice and insight into how your services and approach can help clients overcome these issues.

This hero content can then form the basis of your quarterly content focus. It can be disseminated across a range of channels, from publishing a series of blogs, opinion pieces and LinkedIn articles to hosting webinars, speaking at conferences and launching the findings with a press release to target business media.

So if you are developing a marketing communications programme for your business or organisation, make sure that hero content is near the top of your “to do” list. It really is the secret ingredient to standing out from the online crowd.

If you are interested in an initial free consultation or communications audit looking at generating hero content for your business or organisation with the expert content team here at Westgate, please get in touch – we would be delighted to talk to you.


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