14 June 2012
Shaun Westgate, Managing Director

The future of web design and digital marketing

Unigro Website

We live in very exciting times where the digital landscape is still at a relatively early stage of its development, especially when you consider the potential that technology has to change the way businesses operate.

What is very clear though is that an organisation’s website needs to be highly dynamic and fully integrated into an inclusive digital marketing strategy that incorporates the most relevant social media platforms, determined by their target audiences. The site must have real 'stand out' and design should be used to enhance the usability and functionality.

Here at Westgate Communications we work on a range of different marketing plans for clients in a diverse range of sectors, each with differing and sometimes complex communication issues. The overarching common theme is that an integrated approach is vital to being effective and successful online.

In a lot of cases a brand is now most visible online and great care needs to be taken to present it in the most engaging, consistent and compelling way. There really are some incredible opportunities for companies to add value to their brand and create tangible business results. With so some many sophisticated online tools available (SocialBro, Hootsuit, Buffer App, Tweet Chat etc) it is very easy to measure success and tailor your approach accordingly.

Our latest integrated marketing campaign is for Unigro, a leading provider of controlled environmental chambers and glasshouses, which included a range of different channels and disciplines, including; Public Relations, Design, Digital Comms (Web design, SEO, PPC), Social Media and eCRM.

Digital design

Every piece of online marketing communication we create for Unigro incorporates our latest creative design and branding strategy. We consider design in the overall context of the integrated plan, presenting a dynamic brand that attracts attention, informs, educates and inspires. This in turn establishes Unigro as an authority and thought leader in delivering sustainable solutions.


In summary

An integrated digital campaign can really boost a business’ bottom line. With companies demanding the very most from their marketing spend, now is the time to develop a focused, integrated approach that will deliver real results.


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