16 May 2016
Helen Westgate, Director and Founder

Nurturing young talent at Westgate

Young PR star

At Westgate we are really proud of our track record in introducing some of the most talented graduates to the PR, design and marketing industries.

As well as regularly offering internships to undergraduates, many of the team here also started out at Westgate fresh from college and are now still with us years later.

Why are we so committed to nurturing this young talent? There are many, many reasons…

Having seen (and directly experienced!) graduate training programmes in other, larger agencies, we are now passionate about ensuring that all our people work on assignments that stimulate and excite them. Of course, there are always aspects of work that interest you more than others, but there is absolutely no point bringing in writing or artistic talent to a business if you are just going to get them to sort out old filing systems.

It is also a case of injecting fresh energy and enthusiasm into the work that we carry out for our clients. Graduates learn from our industry experience of course but we can learn a lot from their new perspectives as well.

We are also strong believers in working with the right people. Specific skills can always be taught but innate creativity, energy, enthusiasm and relentless positivity cannot always be taught and young graduates tend to have these in abundance.

We are also extremely proud of developing highly successful careers for young people whose abilities might have been overlooked by previous employers. We are not big believers in corporate hierarchies – we just believe in the talent to deliver the outstanding results that our clients demand. If a young person can deliver these sorts of results consistently, they will be assured of a long and very successful career at Westgate.

If you would like to be considered for one of our regular internships or even for a permanent position on one of the account teams here please email info@westgatecomms.com


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