01 May 2013
Shaun Westgate, Managing Director

Web design that adds value to your online brand

Derelict hotel

You wouldn't run an expensive marketing campaign for a derelict hotel that was falling down.


Our digital design expertise has always crossed over a whole range of different B2B and consumer sectors and this is reflected in some of the websites that we are currently designing. We are about to launch new websites for a business school, a funeral directors as well as a high end fashion brand but, despite their obvious differences, they all have one thing in common – a quality, bespoke website design solution which will add value to their online brand.

It goes without saying that these websites have all been designed by the digital marketing team at Westgate within an online integrated marketing strategy. Each of the websites are fully search engine optimised and supported by sophisticated social media strategies to increase web traffic. They are not ‘off the shelf’ template solutions, they are all bespoke website design solutions with a clear purpose – to engage the user!

How you engage with your key audiences through your website is as vital as all the other aspects of your online marketing strategy. It is always a real shame when you see a clever online SEO and social media strategy being let down by a poorly designed website. You would not run an expensive marketing campaign for a derelict hotel that was falling down. The customers that you attracted would leave as soon as they arrived – a waste of time and money.

This analogy applies to website design too – when a user arrives at your website, they need to be immediately engaged with your products, services and key benefits. This engagement can be amplified through great design and quality content that is easily shared. Here are some of my top tips for making your website highly effective within your digital marketing strategy.

Making a visual impact
A unique online 'look and feel' is key to 'standing out' from your competition and making your brand memorable. A brand’s 'look and feel' needs to be designed with all the relevant social media platforms in mind, to ensure that it is presented in the most consistent, unique and impactful way.

Multi-device usage
It is now very clear that nearly half of web users are accessing the web with mobile devices. Websites need to work on a whole host of different devices. So, a responsive, quality web design approach is key, so that your website can be used easily and quickly either by smart phone or tablet users.

Producing quality content
We all know that to be effective online requires unique, quality content that is easily shared. This is a key consideration when designing your website and blog. As part of this process you need to select the most appropriate social media channels for your business to engage with your community.

Form follows function
Quality design helps to effectively communicate your key benefits and core offerings. Presenting the information in the clearest, most precise and logical way will keep the user engaged.

CMS – Managing the right content
The key now to a successful website is dynamic content and a website that acts as a new media hub. To deliver this requires a 'state of the art' bespoke easy-to-use content management system that allows all non-technical people to amend content at the touch of a button.


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