16 April 2020
Caroline Walker, Director of PR & Content

Thinking inside the box – How to be creative within four walls

Thinking inside the box – How to be creative within four walls

Along with much of the country the Westgate team is working from home and spending more time at home than ever before. 

So as practised creatives who are used to working closely with other creatives in our offices, we thought we’d give you our tips on how we are staying inspired during this period of lockdown. 

Keep active

A healthy body makes for a healthy brain. Increasing your heart rate and taking in more oxygen can really kick-start your imagination and many of the team have been following YouTube workouts to feel re-energised. For short bursts of high intensity training some of us have tried Joe Wick’s morning PE lessons – trust us, it isn’t just for kids.

Take inspiration from artists

The Instagram account, Isolation Art School, has kept us creative with arty projects, lessons and tips from artists. Different artists are live streaming demonstrations for different techniques and approaches, so even novices will feel inspired to make their mark.

Spread positivity

As a team we have been sharing positive news stories, it’s hard not to feel inspired when you see the efforts of different people. From the country acknowledging the power of our NHS with a national round of applause, to the Mercedes F1 engineers creating a breathing aid in less than 100 hours these examples are helping us to reframe our thoughts and see the world a little differently. John Krasinski, star of US TV series The Office, is championing the Instagram hashtag #SGN (Some Good News) to share positive stories.

Interact with others

We are so used to catching up with our colleagues over tea rounds and bouncing ideas around the office that we are trying to recreate this environment at home. We are using different communications, including twice daily team Google Hangouts and WhatsApp group chats to stay connected and fuel our ideas.  

The power of the blank page

Whenever I need to develop ideas for a brief or write an article, I turn off my screen and take a fresh sheet of A4 to make notes and doodles. By letting my pen flow undisturbed I am free to put down my thoughts without worrying how good they are.

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