17 April 2014
Caroline Walker, Account Executive

Sometimes it's okay to think inside the box...

Parc Zoologique de Paris

One of my favourite PR stunts of late has come from the “Parc Zoologique de Paris”, which reopened earlier this month, on the 12th April, following a six-year closure for major refurbishment. To announce its reopening, the Vicennes Zoo installed large wooden animal crates across the city close to famous Parisian landmarks.

The open animal crates, filled with straw and sawdust, popped-up next to attractions such as the Eiffel Tower implying that exotic creatures, including a zebra, a jaguar and a giraffe, had all been let loose to run wild in the streets of the French capital. Stencilled onto the crates was practical information, including the opening times of the zoo, as well as facts about the city’s new animal residents. Designed to engage the locals as well as tourists, this PR stunt was simple, striking and effective and helped deliver over 20,000 visitors to the Parc’s gates on its opening day. The appearance of the zoo’s boxes also supported a successful social media campaign – as images of the crates appeared across Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

The genius behind this PR stunt is that it was fun, generated widespread positive media coverage and promoted the right message directly to a captive audience.


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