The beauty of simplicity

The client
Founded in 2014 by three molecular ecologists who were pioneers of DNA-based biodiversity assessment, NatureMetrics bridges the gap between scientists and environmental managers by harnessing the power of molecular methods for species and ecosystem monitoring in a revolutionary new way.

Our approach
Having worked with the NatureMetrics team for some years at a formative stage of the business, we have partnered with them during a period of high growth and investment in permanent state-of-the-art lab facilities. We were commissioned to produce a video which could serve as a taster for the launch of its nature insights tool.

The solution
A combination of authoritative voiceover, dramatic footage and clear graphics showcasing the tool itself – along with a compelling proposition brought to life through a carefully considered script – meant that we were able to present the ease and convenience offered to clients and customers, demystifying the literal science at work behind the scenes.

NatureMetrics Video Image 1
NatureMetrics Video Image 3
NatureMetrics Video Image 1
NatureMetrics Video