Our creative video capability

Our team has in-depth expertise and diverse experience in corporate video and sound production. Our capability includes filming, editing, animation, sound design, mixing and voice overs.

We use video to tell a compelling story, in a memorable, succinct and engaging way. Our videos articulate how a company or organisation adds value, as creatively as possible.

Many businesses and organisations have a wide range of goods and services and there is always a temptation to feature them all in one video, with very detailed and uninspiring results.

To avoid this, our expert team will find the absolute essence of how an organisation adds value and convey this with real thought and originality.

There are so many types of video and we are now entering the age of the short video, especially on mobile. We have extensive experience in creating a whole host of different types of video on many different platforms such as YouTube, Vine and SnapChat.

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Westgate video capability
Westgate video capability
Westgate Creative Video