How to handle a crisis

The client
Hogan Lovells is a multinational law firm with over 50 offices across the globe. They offer extensive experience and expertise, gained from working in some of the world's most complex legal environments and markets for corporations, financial institutions, and governments.

Our approach
Ahead of a series of events on the topic of cybersecurity, a series of short, engaging videos were required to demonstrate hypothetical scenarios and how best to respond to them.

The solution
We developed a distinctive illustration and animation style that was unique to Hogan Lovells, drawing upon their corporate brand colour palette and developed a series of scripts with the client. Each in the series of three 'Act' videos tells the story of how a possible data breach at an organisation can quickly unfold, and how the ideal response would be handled by Hogan Lovells; quickly responding to, and acting to diffuse, and potential issue.

The videos were well received at the initial event and were further developed into 'white label' versions for wider future use.

Hogan Lovells Data Breach Scenario