Design + branding

A distinctive new 'look and feel’ and unique positioning for Gate Energy

The client
Gate Energy is a specialist upstream oil and gas consulting and advisory firm, providing technical support, reserves evaluations and investment due diligence to energy companies and investors.

Our approach?
To create a distinct new brand identity that reflects Gate Energy’s unique positioning in the market place.

The solution
At first glance, the new Gate Energy mark appears to be a simple, elegant piece of typography, but there is a subtle visual trick within, splitting an ‘E’ shape to suggest the appearance of two letters, whilst avoiding the issues of repeating a character.

The dynamic angle of the cut also carries through into the 'look and feel' – along with a combination of images that tell the story of what Gate Energy do: they are in the boardroom, in the field and bring experience from every aspect of the upstream sector to the table.

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