Our Brand Strategy

The foundation:
The Brand Platform

Before we start creative design work, we develop a brand strategy, to help your company or organisation stand out in your key markets. We will establish what makes you distinctive and relevant and then articulate this in the most engaging and compelling way – we call this The Brand Platform.

Your Brand Platform will consist of a short, sharp strapline with a few paragraphs of supporting copy; a condensed version of your company’s skill-set, aims, ambitions and values. The Brand Platform will give your target audiences an insight into not just what you do, but how you do it and why.

This will culminate in finalising your core proposition and your sales messages. For brands that operate in many countries, we will identify the regional differences, from the subtle to the significant, by using in-depth market research and modifying the proposition and messages accordingly.

The process:
Developing The Brand Personality

What interests us are the brand stories, the case studies, the anecdotes and the opinions. To formulate our thinking, we will mine the emotional drivers within The Brand Personality of your company or organisation, creating a commercial persona or identity for the business around its functionality.

The reason is simple – in all mature, highly competitive markets, you have to look closely at the emotional for inspiration to create the truly distinctive.

Then we sit down and talk. Usually for one to two hours in groups of around six to ten people, usually key stakeholders, all selected by you. It’s an open, and hopefully frank, conversation about the organisation, addressing important factors such as different operating geographies.

The formula: Creating Brand Distinction

We then go away and formulate our thinking into three possible Brand Platform options – or strategic, creative directions for the brand – and return to present these with you and discuss our thinking. It is a highly collaborative, open process, with early consensus and a clear and effective direction for all the creative brand design work to come.

Brand Strategy Infographic
Brand strategy