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A voyage of discovery

The client
Discover Ferries is the industry body for the passenger ferry sector representing 13 ferry operators in the UK, Ireland and the British Islands, operating more than 80 routes. Its role is to promote ferry travel and ferry holidays to UK residents. With recent years seeing increasing conversations about responsible travel, it was felt there was a need to showcase the rich wildlife in and around the waters where the ferry companies operate – and highlight that the best way to see this is from the ferry.

Our approach
Several approaches were suggested to the client, with varying degrees of complexity according to budget and demonstrations were given to illustrate how each of these might work.

The solution
It was agreed that a map would be designed and built with ease of use being of paramount importance. This would include the ability to view and navigate by region, or to toggle an alternative view which showed a 'heatmap' of the likelihood of encounters with wildlife for any given area. Users are then able to view a list of that region's inhabitants, grouped by type (marine animals or birds), and if activities were also available on routes in that area, users could learn more about them here too. At every stage, we also show which partner ferry operators are in the selected area, so as not to lose sight of whose interests Discover Ferries represent.

Explore the map here

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Discover Ferries Wildlife Map Image 1
Discover Ferries Wildlife Map