11 April 2013
Shaun Westgate, Managing Director

Developing your online brand for maximum impact

Oreo super bowl


Most companies and organisations need a brand that 'packs a punch' online and engages with its online community with empathy, gravitas and conviction.

I have been designing and developing brands for more years than I wish to mention and now I run a PR, Digital Marketing and Brand Design agency, which I find far more exciting than any other point in my career – why? Because the opportunities are endless and the creative possibilities vast.

The 'brandscape' has now completely changed since I first entered the industry. In the past we worked in relative isolation and actually measuring the effectiveness of our work was always challenging. Now, due to the nature of online marketing, brands have become much more dynamic, they now feel as though they live and breathe. Nowadays, we have access to some very sophisticated online analytics so we can get a real picture of how effective our online activity really is.

What is clear, is that for a brand to make a real impact online a highly creative integrated approach is required. Here is how to achieve this – firstly, we identify what a brand is and what differentiates it from the competition. We then create a wide range of creative design solutions, developing a distinct 'look and feel' for the brand, so that it has real 'stand out' appeal. The brand's 'look and feel' needs the flexibility to work both on and offline, with a consistent application across all its communications platforms to create high impact where it matters most.

With so many platforms (Twitter, Google+ LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Vimeo, Vine etc.) at our disposal, the opportunities to create and develop a compelling brand that truly engages with its online community are infinite. The rules of customer engagement are now more dynamic and we all need to be prepared and nimble to make the most of every opportunity online. We also need to have tactical marketing strategies in place to ensure marketing teams can react quickly and in the right way.

Oreo is a perfect example of getting the most out of an unexpected incident. When the lights went out at the Super Bowl, they grabbed the spotlight with this tweet: "You can still dunk in the dark." The tweet, designed and approved within minutes, proved to be one of the most-electrifying marketing moments of the game, generating more attention for the brand than its TV ad. Within the first hour, the message was retweeted 15,811 times and got over 19,800 Facebook likes. http://buff.ly/16UTwTK

With the right creative online branding strategy you can really boost a business’ bottom line and now there is a real opportunity to develop a very focused and integrated approach that will help deliver real business results – so what are you waiting for?


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